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We value our patients' experience at Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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As parents of two children with Autism, our journey has been both enjoyable and difficult.  Our kids ae on different ranges on the ASD Spectrum and their symptoms and cognitive issues are definitely all over the place. After trying many types of medicines, therapy and treatments, we decide to try alternative medicine. Our goal was not to cure our kids, but to help make life more enjoyable and manageable for them.  We attended Dr. Cory Kopas’s briefing and made the decision to give chiropractic care a try.  He didn’t promise us a cure, but to try to help our kids with his knowledge as best as he could, with that statement, he won us over. Our kids suffered from delayed motor, cognitive, and speech skills, frequent headaches, and insomnia, amongst other things.  Since our kids have been going to Dr. Cory, we’ve noticed that in our kids there has been improvement with their eye contact, attitude, health, and language development. It is very clear to us that chiropractic care in addition to their Occupational and Speech therapy, many of their issues were relieved. We are so thankful we attended the briefing and took the leap of faith. We will be forever grateful.

Lynn and Shari Stewart (Abilene)

I came to Dr. Kopas in search of relief from severe pain in my hip that I had been experiencing for over a year. The pain had festered long enough to interfere with my quality of life and could no longer be ignored, despite having a high tolerance for pain. Little did I know, this would turn out to be a small symptom of a much more significant issue. I was surprised to hear my diagnosis, degenerative spinal disorder. I exercise, eat relatively well, and do my best to stay healthy so I could not understand why my back resembles that of a much older person. I appreciated the way Dr. Kopas took the time to explain not only my diagnosis, but my treatment as well, and his patience in making sure I understood all the components of care. Dr. Kopas and all the amazing staff made sure there would be no surprises, no hidden fees or extra visits. This experience has made me a firm believer in the benefit of proper chiropractic care. After only a few weeks I already felt so much better! I have experienced little to no headaches for the first time in my life, sleep better, and have no hip pain at all. The best thing was discovering other seemingly non-related symptoms also went away that other medical testing could not provide answers for. I would recommend Dr. Kopas to everyone. I am sold! I feel better than I have in years! I even made an appointment for my daughter as well! 

Randi (and Audrey) Williams (Abilene)

We are unashamed advocates for chiropractic care and for the Big Country Chiropractic Clinic!  My husband and I have each been seeing Dr. Kopas over the last year for pain management, spinal readjustment and preventative care. My husband had been coping with back and neck pain for several years due to both work and play activities, but began seeing Dr. Kopas after a particularly intense work trip. He was impressed by the care taken in assessing his spine and nervous system before ever making any adjustments and his willingness to explain every step of the process. As his condition improved, I decided it was time to make an appointment myself.

After a minor car accident in 2014 I have sought chiropractic care off and on for the past 3 years. While I would find initial relief, my neck pain would always come back in full force. I accepted the fact that it was just something I was going to have to live with.  Soon after my husband began his chiropractic treatment, we found out we were expecting our first child. I have always known that chiropractic care could be something I wanted my children to receive but I was not sure about the possibility of receiving it during my pregnancy. I soon found out that Dr. Kopas had adjusted several pregnant women, one of which was his wife, and I knew this was something I needed to do for myself and our baby. For one, my neck pain has completely gone away. I no longer wince when I turn from side to side like I did for 3 years straight and I have regained a full range of motion.  Early on in my pregnancy I struggled with nausea daily. However, as soon as I started getting adjusted regularly, the nausea dissipated and my appetite quickly returned.  Later in the pregnancy the same relief was found when I started having acid reflux.  Regular adjustments keep my body functioning at its best! I have had very minimal lower back pain throughout my entire pregnancy which is a testament to Dr. Kopas. In high school I struggled with lower back pain frequently from a few minor dance injuries. I had previously though that this pain was something I was just going to experience off and on for the rest of my life, but chiropractic has totally changed that for me!

We are thankful for Dr. Kopas and his practice! I would not e as prepared for birth as I am without his care for me and our child. I look forward to continuing my care and giving our son the best opportunity to thrive as we continue to trust Big Country of Chiropractic for our preventative care! Thank you Dr. Kopas! 
Browning Family (Abilene)

My son, Joseph, has struggled with asthma since he was about 4 years old. It has gotten progressively worse, especially this year. It runs in our family and I never knew there was another solution other than medication. I started using a chiropractor when I was pregnant with our 3rd child and never knew it could help constipation, allergies, and so many other ailments. I started taking Joseph to the chiropractor for constipation issues which were soon remedied with chiropractic adjustments. As I learned the different things chiropractic care can help with I started bringing kids when they would get sick, including when Joseph would have an asthma flare. At the beginning of this year he had two bad flare ups and the doctors only suggestion was steroids and more medicine which I did not want to do because each time I took him to the doctor it seemed to require more steroids which I knew was not good for his body. Dr. Cory said that he could help. Joseph has now been seeing Dr, Cory three times a week for a couple months now to target his asthma issues. He has had no flare ups since then. His asthma symptoms have decreased significantly and he can now run and play like a normal kid.
-Jennifer Lasly (Abilene) 
I first walked into BCCC, actually hobbled is more accurate, in January of 2017. Trying, once again, to find relief from relentless pain that has dictated my life for 8+ years. In 2011, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a diagnosis that was hard for me to accept as I prided myself as an active, hard-working, multi-tasking woman that could achieve anything I put my mind and effort into. Everything had become a challenge for me, even the simple daily activities I had taken for granted. I was learning, the hard way, that I now had limitations that both ruled and was wrecking my quality of life, career, peace and joy. I just could not accept the fact that I could not do the things in life I enjoyed. I’ve seen Neurologists, Rheumatologists, Physical Therapists, Family Practitioners, Massage Therapists and Chiropractors galore! I’ve taken multiple prescription drugs, only to feel worse due to side effects with no relief, participated in physical therapy, swim therapy, and stretch/yoga therapy. I’ve tried natural products, oils, pills, creams, and drinks. I’ve even had testosterone pellets injected into my hip. I’ve changed eating habits, including beverage choices, and left my career and opted for a less stressful job that pays far less just to hopefully help. All this and more just to have a sliver of my life, as I once knew it, back. I was desperate to prove doctors wrong, and that I did not need to go on disability, and that I could continue to work and I would find a way to live without so much pain. In 2015, I received another diagnosis of degenerative disc disease, which of course added more pain and challenges, but I was told it was mild. Honestly, I didn’t give it much thought after healing from my injury that led to the diagnosis. 
In late 2016, I began considering taking steps to file disability due to the constant pain in my hips, legs and feet. I hated missing work, but there were days that I just couldn’t walk or move, and I do a lot of walking at work. My supervisor is amazingly understanding and supportive and helped me get in a program, with the help of my primary care doctor, that excused my absences due to medical “disability”  so I didn’t have to worry about losing my job due to my chronic illnesses. I chose to search out, yet another option/treatment rather than going through with the disability filing. I just can’t bring myself to “throw in the towel” and I’m SO very happy I didn’t! 
In January of 2017, I was on my lunch break and googled “chronic pain-management Abilene, TX”. Several doctors popped up, some I’ve seen in the past, as well as BCCC. Now, I’ve gone to chiropractors for 25+ years in several different cities, including a few in Abilene and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that they all practice differently! Although I never really got any relief for my fibromyalgia from a chiropractor before, something (my gut) told me I should check this place out after reading through the website. I decided to go that very minute, since it’s so close to my work, to inquire about fibromyalgia treatment. I walked in and was immediately greeted by Amanda. Now I have to say, a doctors staff is just as important as the care that a doctor gives you! Amanda and Sarah are the most upbeat, encouraging, happy, compassionate and fun two ladies in a doctor’s office that I’ve ever met…and I’ve been to a lot of doctor’s offices! They are a complete joy! Amanda answered my questions that day and scheduled me for my consultation. 
I was still hesitant about the appointment, but desperate for relief, I remained hopeful. I went in for my x-rays and scan and met Dr. Cory to give my background, issues, etc. It wasn’t until my follow-up appointment with my x-ray results and treatment plan that I knew I could certainly have hope. Dr. Cory and I discussed our separate chiropractic “beliefs” and what chiropractic medicine meant. This is the first chiropractor, out of approximately ten I’ve seen, that I saw eye to eye with. Dr. Cory’s passion to help people feel better, be healthier, and thrice was obvious to me. He designed an eleven month treatment plan for me to help with not only my Fibromyalgia, but the degenerative disc disease that had greatly progressed and was affecting my discs and vertebrae from top to bottom. I remember him asking me to trust him to help me feel and be better and healthier. I told him that I would, again I couldn’t give up on hope of me actually feeling better.
I can’t tell you it was an easy journey to begin, because it wasn’t. The first 3-4 weeks of 3 treatments a week were tough, but I also knew that it would take time for my body, my spine to get used to being placed in its correct position. My hips were twisted and tilted opposite my spine off center in different directions, and lacking curvature where needed. I think the unofficial term used was “jacked up” discs were inflamed and swollen and/or deteriorated. However, it was certainly worth the pain and allowing it to rule my life, I began to feel excited! I am now almost 6 months into my treatment, and all I can say is “WOW”! I have quality of life back! I have health and well-being back! I get to enjoy life! Do I still struggle with Fibromyalgia? Yes, I do, but rather than experiencing constant chronic pain daily and fibro flares regularly, I go several days virtually pain free! I go weeks without fibro flares that can knock me down a bit, but not like they used to. I get to be active again! I can clean my house like I want on a Saturday morning! I can vacuum, scrub bath tubs/showers, put clean sheets on the bed without help! It’s the simple things I took for granted before. I work in my yard, I can play golf again, bowl again, go on hiking trails again! I’ve missed my outdoor activities. The best decision I’ve ever made, regarding my health and well-being, was trusting Dr. Cory and sticking with my treatment plan. I know some people have reservations about chiropractors, maybe you’ve had bad experiences with them, for that I am sorry, because I have too. But, I chose not to give up and for that I am physically and mentally healthier. Thank you, to Dr. Cory and his wonderful staff, Amanda and Sarah, for making this an amazing journey and giving so many people a better quality of life! Y’all rock! (A little Texas lingo for you Dr. Cory!)-Ty White (Abilene)

Dr. Kopas is my 4th chiropractor in my life. He is without a doubt the best I have had. After decades of athletics and injuries I have lived with extreme chronic pain throughout my entire body. I have also lived with neurological difficulties, such as ADHD. I never thought I would say this but I am as close to pain free as I have experienced in almost 15 years. My mind is clear and I am excelling at a faster rate than I ever thought possible. It’s almost as if I got 10 years younger in a few months of Dr. Kopas’ care. I am so glad I found this practice and I tell everyone about it. Well worth the investment. Thank you!!
-Austin Homfeld (Abilene)

In February 2017, we took Callen to be evaluated to see what we were dealing with and figure out any other ways to help him. We were told ADHD and ODD and are waiting to hear if further evaluation is needed for other issues. The first works out of their mouths were to put him on meds.  I was not comfortable with going that route because of the horrifying issues I had seen some friends’ kids go through when they were placed on medications for issues like this. The same week, we saw Dr. Kopas and I casually mentioned to him that he had been very defiant lately and was still wetting through a pull up most nights. Dr. Kopas said that these things could be related and that he spe3cialized in treating kids like this. So, we scanned him and found that his numbers were off the charts. His energy/noise to the brain number was 7 times the normal person and his organizational number was about 25% of that of a normal person. So, basically, he had tons of information coming into his brain all the time and no way to deal with it or make sense of it.
Dr. Kopas started adjusting him 4 times a week. The next week went a little smoother. I was skeptical to be seeing progress that soon and kind of wrote it off because I didn’t want to get excited and then be disappointed if nothing changed.  But at the end of that week, we gave him a bath with some Peace oil and when he got out; he wanted to be held for a few minutes. This usually lasts for about 5 seconds before he is up and doing something else. While Clay was holding him, Callen looked at me and his eyes were so still. I had not seen that kind of look on his face in so many years I almost couldn’t look at him. It was like all the ping pong balls and fireworks I can usually see going off in his head had suddenly stopped. It was at that very second that I knew we had found another piece of the puzzle and it was a big one!
We continued adjusting and scanned again the first week of March. His numbers were so much better that we were a little shocked. He was now showing only 2.5 times normal on his energy/noise number and was up to 79% on his organization number! We knew he had improved but did not expect that! We also started flax oil and digestive enzymes that week based on recommendations from the book that Dr. Kopas let me borrow. We had previously only been doing a whole food multivitamin, fish oil, and probiotic. We continued all of those and upped his multivitamin dose. These additions seemed to help calm him down as well. We missed them for a few days in late March and boy could you tell. In early March we also noticed he was having some nights where he was completely dry in the morning. This had NEVER happened before.
We have definitely seen ups and downs because his brain has to adjust to a new normal and certain foods still send him into a fit. But the improvements are definitely becoming apparent. He is calmer, able to sit still longer if we go out somewhere, able to have more of a conversation, has made some other developmental leaps, isn’t having near the number of degree of fits that he normally does, is less defiant, more compliant, more polite, sleeping better most nights, and just overall happier. We have made huge strides in just 2-3 months. We are working on more diet changes to cut out more processed food, all the dairy, and try to go as whole and organic as we can. We are focusing on the Body Ecology Diet which is all about probiotic nutrition, food combining for proper digestion, and healing the gut lining. The more I research and read, the more I find to help balance his system back to where it should be and I know that we are on the road to giving Callen back his life. We are determined to do everything we can to give him the best chance to succeed. We have seen several things make improvements and impacts, but chiropractic treatments have definitely made one of the biggest impacts along with diet. Dr. Kopas has definitely played a huge part in that and we will be forever grateful.
-Jennifer Rose (Abilene)

I have scoliosis and a tilted pelvis. I got to the point that I couldn’t walk straight and was in a lot of pain if I sat too long., I went to several chiropractors, but it didn’t help. I came here and Dr. Kopas put me on a schedule of treatments. I am now walking better and I don’t have any pain sitting at work. He is amazing. I feel so much better. Thank you so much for helping me.-Sheila Cornil (Abilene)

I have been to a chiropractor much of my adult life. It began with a car accident in 20s. The birth of twins, with a combined weight of 12.8 pounds, at 28 exacerbated the problem. Add to that a new business, a grueling work schedule and 4 growing children and neck and back problems abound. I did what I thought was right and sought help. Unfortunately, I chose a chiropractor that looked at the immediate problems and not the whole spine.  Medical doctors only threw pills at the symptoms.
As I aged, I wrote more and more of my problems off to aging. Things like being able to walk up and down stairs easily, or waking multiple times each night to pee. Sleep was not restorative. Restless legs became more pronounced. My digestion was poor and hot flashes plagued me for over 15 years! I was in pain. I began searching for answers on YouTube and decided I needed a corrective chiropractor. I found him...Dr. Cory Kopas.
I’ve been undergoing treatment for 5 months now and I can’t believe the progress! I often sleep 7-8 hours straight and awake feeling rejuvenated. Hot flashes are almost nonexistent. I rarely have digestive issues. I rarely have pain. While stars are still not my favorite thing, we are making progress. Am I finished? No, but I didn’t get this way overnight. I am encouraged! With just a few changes in my diet and a comprehensive chiropractic plan, I have more energy. Do I feel 20? No, but my body is healing itself! I have no doubt that this is the tip of the iceberg. As we age, healing takes longer, but it is soooo worth it!
-Dianne Green (Abilene)

I found myself at Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic after experiencing the same symptoms that brought me to a chiropractor several years ago.  I had been having pain in my neck, mid and lower back and right arm, plus constant muscle tightness throughout my shoulders after several adjustments. I started noticing a significant improvement in my symptoms, even ones that weren’t my initial reason for seeking chiropractic care such as allergies, headaches, dizziness and intermittent hip pain. I’ll never forget the day I got into bed and realized that I had had a completely pain free day for the first time in months. The care I received from Dr. Kopas has been the best chiropractic care I’ve ever had and myself and my family will continue receiving our care here for years to come.-Rachael Baldino (Abilene)

It’s great to be a success story! Thirty years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, Jordan, I injured my back lifting weights. As the pregnancy progressed, the injury didn’t heal and the pain increased.  After delivery, I sought help from my general practitioner who gave me muscle relaxers.  Not caring for the effects of the drugs, I turned to a chiropractor, but found my back would readjust itself soon after an appointment.  My third attempt for help was with a physical therapist who gave me exercises to do that improved my condition but the pain never went away. As my husband, Joey, and I grew our family and I gave birth to four more children, I resolved to just live with the pain. I exercised regularly and ate well. Later, I developed a pinched nerve and had bouts with sciatica.  Searching for relief, I found Neil Hall, a Bowen Technology practitioner who works with the soft tissues to stimulate healing. However, this soft tissue technique, as wonderful as it was, didn’t totally resolve my back issues. When my long time prayer/waling friend mentioned her awesome chiropractor at the Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic, I spouted off my objections based on my previous experiences. For some of us, God’s gentle nudge has to be more like a swift kick! In my case, it was a new back pain on top of the chronic ones I already carried. I scheduled a massage with the awesome masseuse, Michelle Bierma. After our appointment, she counseled me, “Your back needs help! I know a wonderful chiropractor who uses high-tech equipment that can pinpoint the exact location of your problems. It will change your life!” It has been an amazingly short journey to healing! What an exciting blessing to work with Cory Kopas as I graduate to the maintenance phase of my treatment! -Karen Light (Abilene Wylie)

We have experienced significant improvement in the behavior and the bladder control of our 4 year old son since beginning a treatment plan with Dr. Cory. The bed-wetting issues and mood swings were very difficult and we were grateful to try to combine chiropractic care with changes in nutrition and see consistent results. We also brought our youngest son in when he was having earaches from teething and wow!- right away he experienced relief and was smiling  and laughing for the first time in days. We will continue to use Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic while we live in Abilene and will continue to tell friends about our experiences!-Jada Gavic (Abilene)

Dr. Cory Kopas

Michelle S.

Our daughter, Elizabeth, was having trouble hearing. We would whisper things and she could not hear us at all. Even words like "ice cream" and "party" would not be heard by our 3 year old. So, we did what most parents would do. We took her to her pediatrician. There, they did a test on her ears to see if there was any fluid in her ears. The test was positive. They sent us to an ENT specialist. They did another test and found the fluid was behind her ear drum. A hearing test also verified that she could not hear well because of this fluid. The ENT have us some prescription steroids to help the fluid drain. It did not work, so they recommended a surgery to have tubes put in her ears. We were hesitant to schedule the surgery because of financial reasons and because of stories from family and friends about that surgery not working. We came to Dr. Christenson's new patient class and learned that chiropractic care could cure many different types of ailments and pains. We decided to give it a try. Within just a few weeks of adjustments, we could tell a difference in Elizabeth's hearing. Dr. Christenson would also look in her ears with an otoscope and he could see a noticeable difference. She now goes once every 2-3 months to keep well adjusted. I would encourage you to give chiropractic care a try before expensive surgeries or even traditional medicines. Cherith and Elizabeth Newman (Clyde)

Cherith N.

I have had reoccurring back issues for the last 4 to 5 years. The first incident happened when I was outside putting up Christmas lights. I bent down to pick the lights up and my back popped. I barely got myself up off the ground and into the house. When i got into the house, I went to the floor because I Was going to pass out from the pain. They had to take me by ambulance to the emergency room because I couldn't get up. It took 4 shots and 3 doses of morphine by mouth before I could even get up to walk out of the hospital. Since then, My back would go out periodically, It would be a severe pain in the middle of my back. My Right side would hurt me off and on also. I would go to the doctor and get a shot and some medicine. It would take about a week to heal and then I thought I was back to normal. The summer of July 2012 my back went out again. I went to the doctor on a Friday, got a shot and by Monday I thought everything was going to be okay. Well, it wasn't. My back locked up again at work. I was in tears because the pain was so bad. I went back to the doctor on Tuesday and got another shot. I woke up during the middle of the night and I was having back spasms. Some friends of mine told me about Dr. Christenson. I had always heard horror stories about chiropractors but since so many people i knew and went to Dr. Christenson and had such good results, I was willing to try anything. I went in the next day and Dr. Christenson took an x-ray. I had a degenerative disc in my lower back. Thanks to Dr. Christenson my back is much much better. When I went into his office, I was on crutches because the pain was so bad. I was sleeping in the recliner because I couldn't lay down on the bed. Since my treatments, I am off crutches, sleeping in the bed, and my back pain is much less. I am Teaching zumba and twirling and living a normal life. It is God's blessing I was referred to Dr. Christenson. If I wouldn't have been, I would have been looking at sciatic nerve issues and possible back surgery. Plus, I wouldn't be able to teach zumba or twirling. He has also been able to help me with neck and knee pain. The best thing i ever did was go to Dr. Christenson. He has been such a great help to me. I am so appreciative and i recommend him to anyone who has any type of pain. It is so much cheaper than medical treatment. Thank you Dr. Christenson for everything that you have done for me! Misti Zeissel (Munday)

I started seeing a chiropractor about  twelve years ago with lower back problems. A year ago I started having heart problems and I quit going to the chiropractor. All of the sudden I couldn't walk. My right leg hurt so bad I was using a walker and a cane. I read about Dr.Christenson in the paper and made an appointment. I have been seeing him for 10 weeks. I can now walk without a cane and have almost no pain. He has also healed with other problems such as my stomach. I will be seeing Dr.Christenson about once a month for a long time. I don't want to get back to like I was. I like to walk.  Sue Haynie

I was referred to Dr. Christenson's office by my grandmother after injuring my lower back. I hadn't ever explored chiropractic care before, so it was certainly unfamiliar territory! Dr.Christenson was extremely professional and thorough, yet also friendly and kind. The information and process made me feel very comfortable with the plan he put together. I'm happy to say I've seen GREAT improvements through my treatment so far. Not only does my lower back feel loads better but he's treated my neck and it's improved drastically as well.

As a man of faith and a very professional and kind individual I'd recommend his services to anyone! It's been a wonderful process for me and most of my family! Shay Senter (Abilene)

I began having lower back pain about 5 months ago. The pain was severe enough that I decided to go to a doctor. I've always believed if you allow the body to heal itself then it will. When I met Dr. Christenson, I felt he had similar views on how the body works and "medication" wasn't the right treatment for the problem. After about a month of treatment, I began to see a difference in the amount of pain I was feeling. After two months of treatment, I realized changes were happening to my body. The lower back pain was minimal and the stiffness began going away. Three months into treatment, I felt like I did the first time I wore contacts. My body felt rejuvenated and my energy levels increased, as well as my outlook on life. I believe in Chiropractic treatment and the practices of Dr.Christenson and his staff.  Brad Zonker (Abilene)

What can I say... When I came to Big Country Chiropractic, I was in much pain caused by age and a fall on my back. I was greeted by the friendly staff and a concerned chiropractor. After a checkup of my problems, Dr.Christenson told me that if he could help me by his treatments he would be honest and let me know, if he couldn't he would also let me know. They (the staff) have all been very encouraging to me. During my treatments, I have been improving weekly, I can walk without stooping over, the excruciating pain in my mid back and right hip has become much, much better. I wish everyone could receive his treatment and live a much more blessed life.   Thank you, Dr.Christenson for being concerned with your patients health.   Roberta Walton (Knox City)

I came to Dr. Christenson in my third trimester of a twin pregnancy. One of my babies was breech and my doctor told me unless my baby turned I would be having a c-section. Dr. Christenson performed the Webster Technique on me for the next 21/2 weeks, and at my next ultrasound appointment the doctor told me the baby had turned head down! My husband and I are overjoyed at the prospect of avoiding a c-section and being able to deliver these babies naturally. We feel blessed to have found Dr. Christenson and believe through prayer and his expertise and knowledge we will be able to have the kind of labor and delivery our hearts desire.We are thankful the Lord used Dr. Christenson this way.     Thankful,         Lacey Casey (Abilene)

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